Parent Involvement

Children, teachers, and parents are all partners in the education and child development at the Growing Garden. It is important to us for parents to be both actively involved in their children’s development as well as being constantly informed of their children’s progress. We encourage parents to be active contributors to children’s activities in the classroom and in the school. We have an open communication policy between teachers, staff and parents.

Here are some ways we ensure that Growing Garden parents can be constantly involved in their child’s development:

  • Active communication between teachers and parents – Our teachers are easily accessible via email, phone or at drop-off and pick-up times to discuss children’s development and unique needs with parents.
  • Parent/teacher conferences – Parent/teacher conferences are held twice a year to keep parents up to date on their child’s progress. Teachers are also available to meet with parents privately outside of the formal conference time.
  • Playground – We use a program called Playground that keeps you informed of your child’s daily activities. It sends pictures and texts throughout the day allowing you glimpses of your child’s experiences here at the Growing Garden.
  • Parent Council – The Parent Council works as a liaison between the Parents, the School Director and the Teachers. The Council works during the year to support events and programs for the children and has fundraisers to enhance the school. The parent council is involved in bringing a good spirit to the school by hosting family events for preschool families and school holiday events throughout the year.