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About – Our Educational Environment

The Growing Garden Preschool caters to the South Bay area including the cities of Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach. It is located on Vail Ave. just one block North of Artesia Blvd. (the parking lot entrance is on Nelson Ave). At the Growing Garden our school¬†environment is our “third teacher” providing our children with learning, interaction and provoking their curiosity. Everything in it provides an opportunity for learning and growing.¬† The site is safe, modern and equipped with all the requisite amenities of a first-class preschool, including bright classrooms, indoor play areas and outdoor playgrounds. The educational environment is viewed as the third teacher, with the power to provoke curiosity and learning, and encourage interaction. The elements of light, transparency and natural materials are strongly valued. You will not find commercial posters and plastic furniture bought from catalogs. What you will find is documentation of the learning experiences and interactions of the children, teachers and families as well as evidence of the identity of the community where the center or school is located.


educational environment


Our classrooms are large, bright, warm and natural. The walls are decorated solely with our children’s creative work, documenting their learning experiences and interactions with their environment. Each classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art learning materials, a full functioning children’s kitchen and children’s library filled with beautiful books allowing the children to learn and develop through their own curiosity and interactions with their environment.


outdoor educational environment

Outdoor Environment

Our interactive outdoor equipment creates a space where children can climb, slide, imagine and socialize. Our outdoor music center is a wonderful place for our children to play and compose music. We bring our indoor classroom outside so that our children can enjoy reading, art and building all while being inspired by our sunny California weather.  Our gardening specialist is there to guide the children in growing fruits, vegetables and flowers in our natural organic vegetable garden.


library with educational environment

Library and Kitchen

We a have a beautiful modern kitchen with counters and sinks at the children’s height, allowing our children to learn and experiment with cooking and working with food. Our gorgeous school library provides a quite relaxed atmosphere where children can choose from hundreds of books to practice their reading and spark their imagination.

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