Safety in our School

At the Growing Garden safety is our first priority. We are on constant alert to ensure that every child and the entire facility are safe and secure at all times.

Our entire facility is gated and fully monitored by a camera security system. All entrances to the facility as well as the individual classrooms are locked from the outside during school hours.

Every child at the Growing Garden must be signed in at the beginning of the day and is then constantly monitored until they are signed out by the parents or preapproved adults at the end of the day. Our high student to staff ratio ensures that children are never left alone. We require that all children have a staff member accompanying them at all times in the classroom, outdoors and in the bathroom.

All staff at the Growing Garden are live scanned and vetted to ensure the highest caliber. The staff are all well trained and certified in CPR and First Aid.

We help our children stay healthy at all times. Our classrooms and other play areas use only child safe and age appropriate equipment. The entire facility of the Growing Garden including the classrooms, play area, equipment and outdoor facilities are cleaned and sanitized daily with eco friendly materials. In the event of a child developing a viral or other contagious infection, the infected child is sent home and other parents are notified of the details with symptoms they should look for to ensure their own children were not infected.

Our emergency plans are regularly updated for all standard emergency scenarios. We do regular emergency drills for fire, earthquake, lock-down and shelter-in-place scenarios.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our safety, health or emergency preparedness policies.