Our Preschool & Kindergarten

Our Preschool & Kindergarten

The Growing Garden Preschool & Kindergarten is a place where young children discover creative and nurturing experiences. Our Preschool fosters a life-long quest and love for learning, building a strong foundation for social, emotional, academic, physical and spiritual growth. We are the only Jewish Preschool in the South Bay that is Reggio Emilia inspired.

Our Preschool & Kindergarten

Early Childhood Education

We offer small classes with low student to teacher ratios in an atmosphere stimulating multiple intelligences. Our preschool teachers are certified specialists in early childhood development.
We are a place where children can construct new ideas and discover the world around them. They are inspired to think, reason, question and experiment through play and hands-on activities. Learn more about our child-based curriculum.

  • Low Student to Teacher Ratio
  • Experienced Certified Teachers
  • Child Based Curriculum
  • Reggio Emilia Inspired
  • Child Based Learning
  • Parent Involvement

Our Preschool & Kindergarten

Preschool Environment

Our preschool is equipped with state-of-the-art learning materials, resource guides, a full functioning children’s kitchen and children’s library filled with beautiful books.
Our classrooms are our “third teachers”. Everything in them provides an opportunity for learning and growing. They are large, bright, warm and natural. Every child is unique, with his/her own interests and learning styles. We provide our children the space and opportunity to interact and play in a meaningful environment.

Our Preschool & Kindergarten

Classes Offered

Our preschool currently offers classes for the following ages:

  • Infant Center for infants from 3 months old to 2 years old
  • Mommy and Me for Moms and children from 3 months old to 2 years old
  • 2 Year old preschool class
  • 3 year old preschool class
  • 4 year old preschool class
  • Kindergarten

Our Preschool & Kindergarten

Extracurricular Preschool Activities

  • Jewish Studies
  • Spanish
  • Cooking
  • Early Childhood Library
  • Webby Dance
  • Physical Education


Premier South Bay Preschool

The Growing Garden Preschool provides early childhood education for preschool age children the South Bay serving

  • Manhattan Beach
  • Redondo Beach
  • Hermosa Beach
  • El Segundo
  • Torrance